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Week-End Wrap Up...

>> Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, it's not the weekend yet, but close enough. I figured I would do my super soon to be famous science news snippets today. This time, with a theme. One that is near and dear to me... doggies!

  • In South Korea, scientists have claimed to clone some puppies using stem cells. The stem cells came from the fat tissue of a female beagle. While they have cloned about 35 dogs and 5 wolves, this is the first time the close were created from stem cells. You can find the source article here.
  • In a study done recently, many people who are affectionate with their pets also share a lot of really bad germs, like E. coli. While more than half of pet owners are very affectionate with their animals, most of the reason they share so many harmful germs is something very simple... lack of hand washing. While dogs and humans both carry E. Coli regularly, the humans and pets studied had the same genetic strain of the germ meaning that both pets and owners could both build resistance to antibiotics at the same time. Wash you hands, please! Source.
  • Do you know how a dog walks? A study founds that most taxidermists, anatomists and toy designers get it wrong. In fact, it is a lot more complicated than most think. The worst is a study done 120 years ago is correct, but people forgot these findings. So how does a dog walk? Hey! This is a snippet! Go read the article here.
Okay... so now you have some weekend reading. I hope everyone has a good Friday night! And just for good measure, another bad cell phone picture of my Floyd on the beach yesterday.


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