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Earth Week Tip #3: Get Out!

>> Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pay attention to your vistas.
How does going outside help with being green? Well, there are a few, but don't think of it as just being green (or "blue" as I like to call it), think of it as a key to better overall health and yet ANOTHER money saving tip!

People who go out in nature have the tendency to have a better appreciation for the natural world. Not only that, but there is strong evidence that people who have more green spaces around (i.e. parks and gardens) have better cognitive functions, less anxiety, lower blood pressure, can stabalize blood sugar better, and have better immune system functionality.

You may see critters!

 Plus, going outside is great for family time and bonding and is a cheap date or fun time. Bring some food (lighter fare is nice, enjoy the sunshine and you can save money on silly little things, like electricity for movies, video games, TV, running the air conditioner or fans, running the oven to cook (sandwich anyone?)... etc. Read outside. Have a nice conversation with your friends/family. Take pictures. Draw. Make memories. Do a cartwheel. You may find something in the area that is cheap and amazing that you never even knew existed! Pay attention and you may see some amazing critters, too!
You might enjoy the view so take pictures.

Want to make it even cheaper? Pay attention to all the cool things there are to do in your local state parks. There is usually a calendar of events and many of them are really cheap or even free.

Even better? Well, it is National Park Week which means you can go to more than 100 National Parks for free. There are also all kinds of events and programs running. Appropriately, this years theme is "Healthy Parks, Healthy People." If you're healthy, you spend less on medical and drugs, too.

Told ya my tips would save you money!

Come back later for more Earth Week Tips!


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