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Earth Week Tip #2: Gas Reduction

>> Monday, April 18, 2011

From Jcarlosn's photostream on Flickr.

Now it doesn't seem to make much sense that thinking of gas would be on a tip list. Remember, this is about ways you can take little steps. Maybe little steps will lead to bigger steps, but for now, leave the tree-hugging to us and enjoy the fuzzy feelings with the easy stuff. Besides, if you get better gas mileage, you use less fuel. Less fuel = less pollution AND a little spare change in your pocketbook.

With gas prices what they are ($4.49 per gallon here is what I paid yesterday), every little bit helps. Besides... lowering our reliance on oil is a good thing, too. We are approaching the anniversary of the BP thing.

I did write an article about the Science Behind Saving Gas for 5 Minutes for Going Green and with the exception of the gas price ratio, all the tips still work:

  •        Drive SLOWER
  •        Keep tires properly inflated
  •        Clean out your car
  •        Change your air filter
You can find more helpful tips at FuelEconomy.gov or read the article at the link above!

Keep reading for more tips!


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