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>> Friday, March 27, 2009

A certain person I know that may be related to me (hehehe) is graduating with her B.S. soon. This person is also incredibly difficult (or other stronger synonyms) to shop for. Since I live so far away, it is easier for me to shop online and ship direct to her so I need your help. I was browsing some of my favorite sites and this is all I could come up with. Lame. I know.

So the first thing I though was I should get her something no one else would ever get her, so I found this...

It's a clock run on water. Yes, you heard right. Water. You pour water in the back and it works. I found it at ThinkGeek.com and am really tempted to buy one. Or 5. Whatever. It's really cool AND really unique. What's NOT to like?

Okay, but thinking more like her and less like me brings me to a book I found called Entertaining Simple. It is a book about, well, how to entertain people simply. It has recipes, games, and all sorts of ideas for various get-togethers. That seems to be more her speed, but I still like the clock.

Another item I really liked are these Recycled Asian Tote Bags. They are functional, recycled, stylish, and I think she might hate them though. I don't know if she likes color. Her house is just beige.

Another thing I thought of, please don't laugh, is to get her 11 hrs of hi jinks with Stacey and Clinton. Yes, them. She is a bit of a fashionista, and let's be honest, even my husband watches What NOT to Wear. Next proposed gift: What Not To Wear: Best Of DVD Set

What Not To Wear: Best Of DVD Set
. Come on... I'm trying here.

Last thing I could think of was a cookbook. I know I already mentioned one book with recipes. This is actually a cookbook though.

The person I am shopping for is really into the whole "organic" thing even though I think that the term organic is a marketing ploy. I know plenty of farmers who use really amazing farming practices but aren't certified organic because they DON'T use manure. Whatever. This is a topic for another Debate! I wonder what happened to those anyway? HAHA. Anyway, prejudice aside, she likes organic things so this cookbook might make her happy.

That's all I got. Vote or give me some ideas please!

Oh yeah, some of the links, not all, are affiliates (mostly because I ACTUALLY shop there) so I get like 3 cents if you buy. Just so you know. I don't like hiding things from you guys! But I really need your help, so vote.


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