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Monday Blues Eleven

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's Monday Blues is a photo taken in St. Augustine. St. Augustine is one of my favorite cities, by the way. The history is fantastic and the architecture is superb. This blue sailboat was one of my favorites while I was there. It may not look blue, but it was navy I swear! It made me really reconsider my husband's offer of living on a boat. Sure this boat may not have been in the best of shape, but it's sweeping lines and rigging really gave me the illusion of what it once was... I am a sucker for fixer-uppers I suppose. I always want to take care of the neglected and prove to people that it was better than they thought.

Anyway, happy Monday and remember, you can participate in Monday Blues as well, just leave a link in the comments to your post with the theme.

Next week SeaLaura hosts, but top by this week to see her amazing pictures of Venice, CA.


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