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Earth Hour

>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

So I put a banner up at the top of the page. It is for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) campaign to turn the lights out for 60 minutes. One hour your local time starting at 8:30pm. What is the point? Well, lights out always saves energy and if most of the people on a grid do this, that is a SIGNIFICANT savings. Mostly, however, it is a statement, a rally if you will, that you too want a better understanding of and solutions to climate change.

Last year there were iconic buildings like the Sydney Opera House who shut their lights out. This year entire cities are devoted. They are turning lights out in all the city buildings. Las Vegas and Hong Kong are on the list. Many high schools around the country are also participating and people are having various functions and power-free parties. There are even kids getting involved and doing their part.

The site above links to the UK WWF site. The US site didn't have as many tips but you can find it here. Even if you don't participate, it's nice to have a lights out hour anyway. Living in St. Thomas, it happens anyway as WAPA (Water and Power Authority) is not exactly reliable. The hubs and I are going to have a fancy candlelit dinner followed by a long walk with Floyd, I think. The easiest way to participate is to just go to bed early! To participate or to find out more, visit any of the websites. Are you participating in Earth Hour? What are your plans for the dark?


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