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>> Sunday, May 15, 2011

As most of you know, science happens all the time, and usually I was really good at reporting all the fun science news. Then I got busy, then I got lazy (Twitter makes sharing stories to darn easy), then busy again... but who cares??? I have a blog to write! Who says all the post have to be long and amazing?!?!

Here are some stories that I have found to be interesting these past few days:

  • Sixty Second Science did a podcast about sugar being able to flush out microbes. Sugar actually helps antibiotics work more effectively in chronic infections.
  • There was a great video showing chimpanzees exhibiting what humans would consider "mourning behaviors" and, of course, was posted to National Geographic. What do you think? Are they just unusually quiet and curious or does it seem like mourning?
  • Elevated levels of radiation were found in seaweed near the "injured" nuclear plant in Japan.
  • Locally, one guys stupid laziness caused an island wide (two islands actually) power outage. Fantastic.
  • Whales in the West Indies have West Indian accents. It's true. Studies have shown that whales have regional accents and dialects!
So go and read... You might learn something!


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