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2010: Year of Biodiversity

>> Sunday, January 10, 2010

As the new year takes off running, we also have a new something to celebrate. If you all recall, last year was Year of the Gorilla. This year has been declared by UN as the Year of Biodiversity. This is rather exciting for me since I am all about biodiversity and how things rely on each other. One of the first posts I ever did on Potspoon! was about it as well.

fig 1. a swamp biome

The official Year of Biodiversity site is up and running. Like with the gorillas, I will do various posts throughout the year and make a header link for this topic.

They list four reasons why this is the year of biodiversity but the first one stuck out the most: human's are a part of the earth's diversity and we are the ones who can protect or destroy it. On the site you will even find an interactive map with the locations of events around the world. So say your last goodbyes to the Year of the Gorilla and welcome in the Year of Biodiversity.

To find out more, click the links above or go to the United Nations Environmental Programme website.


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