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>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ok ok... I have been really trying hard to avoid this word, but it appears I may have to be honest with all my bloggy buddies. The next 2 weeks are going to be a big (BIG) struggle for me. I really have been trying to post more, but it is hard and there is a really good reason for it. I can't divulge the details right now, but it's a really REALLY dramatic change and even though it has nothing to do with the blog, it is still having a serious affect on my time. Yes, I know I still have time to go to the beach, but that is different. That is super valuable Nick and Mimi time. I hope you all forgive me for being a slacker... especially on the cusp of my one year bloggiversary.

By the way, I will have something exciting planned for May 3rd. Potspoon!'s birthday will be celebrated, even if nothing else goes up. I will still post (I hope), but sporadically. And my next COPD post is almost done. Again, I just really want to get all the info in there and with not too much time I am going between an elementary book and a post-doctoral dissertaion in my writing style. Not good. Ay, me.

Pretty much (as if it weren't obvious), my posting frequency will be erratic. The posts will seem short. It's only temporary.


wendy April 15, 2009 at 8:53 PM  

Hi Mimi,
Ya do what ya gotta do.  When the weather is nice, I don't blog much.  Sometimes other things take priority.  Never mind.  We will see you when we see you.  Hope things go well for you.
See ya on the beach! LOL!

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