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Monday Blues: Lucky 13!

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

The moon has been lovely recently and since I (still) do not have a digital camera again, you will have to suffice with an old picture I took of the moon on a day trip to Virgin Gorda. I love when the moon is out during the day. Looks like a little baby's head poking out of the water. The sky was incredible that day.

I am glad I have this Monday off! I had some much needed beach time this morning with the hubs and Floyd. I also collected quite the hauk of sea glass. I am really getting out of hand with this sea glass business. Out. Of. Hand. If you haven't been with me long, you may not know that I even did a video about it. Horrid. I know.

Remember you can always participate in Monday Blues. Leave a comment here or over at SeaLaura's site with a link to your picture or post with the theme "Monday Blues." While you're over there, check out her cute little post about a cute little car. Happy Monday!


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