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Doggy Depression

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's post was inspired by my little Floyd. It appears my child is suffering a bit of doggy depression and I don't know why. She seemed out of it yesterday, but she didn't even touch her food last night. This morning she wasn't sleeping on the couch or her doggy bed (the usual places). Instead, she was curled up on a bit of carpet underneath our weight bench. This isn't normal. She looked spooked. Bad.

This isn't like her. Her tail is chronically between her legs. She isn't excited when I call her. There is no jumping when I bring out the lamb bones. I am giving it a week. If she is still mopey, she is going to the vet. She is my child and I hate to see her suffer.

Doggy depression is a real thing. Suprisingly, the symptoms are similar to a human's. They will become lethargic, seem indifferent to the world, stop eating, stop drinking water, and they whimper instead of cry. This can be triggered by many things. If your dog has a "sibling" and they die, this can trigger depression. Also, a change a scenery, severe weather, loss of a person at home, physical trauma, or illness. This is why I am giving it a week. If she isn't better I want to be sure that she isn't sick.

If your dog is depressed there are many things you can do if the options are there:

  • go for a ride in the car. Floyd usually loves this but seemed uninterested this morning.
  • go to a dog park
  • get a new toy
  • lots of snuggling
  • get another dog. Dogs are pack animals so maybe Floyd feels lonely?
  • sit on the floor with your dog... which I do a lot
  • make sure your dog is healthy
  • and last... antidepressants.
Dogs can feel depression too and keeping an eye on sysmptoms can let you know if something is wrong. If they go too long it may be an underlying problem. Dongs can't speak so it is their behaviors that let us know when something is amiss.

You can find out more here, here, and here.


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