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Monday Blues 5

>> Monday, February 16, 2009

Ah, Monday! Why is it that you bring the Blues?

I have the blues today because I missed the blues and jazz concert I had been waiting for (for about a month!) last night. Oh well. C'est la vie, n'est pa? I also went through some old pictures and I miss having hair this short.

To the right is me in, um, 2004 I suppose. Nick and I made a trip cross country. We stopped in Steamboat Springs, CO and hiked around for a bit with a friend. We came across an amazing waterfall and I had to climb to the top. We did and this image is my proof! Yes, that is me hanging from a tree at the top of the falls. I am wearing my favorite blue Hard Rock hoodie. If you look even closer, I have a little blue star in my ear. I wonder what happened to that earring. Hmmm. Not the most flattering picture, but you try to look cute upside down! That was a fun adventure!

If only I could remember where we were. I want to go back.

Don't forget, SeaLaura is hosting this week so go leave a link to your submission of Monday Blues in the comments!

Happy Monday!


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