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An Audubon Tour

>> Friday, February 27, 2009

Today I had the extreme fortune of touring the Virgin Islands chapter of the Audubon Society. In case you forgot, I do work at the Butterfly Farm and part of my job is giving people "educational guided tours going through the amazing life-cycle of a butterfly."

Today's tour wasn't too different except that my group was ridiculously interested in the science, local host plants, importance, etc. My kind of tour. The best part was the applause. Ok, I admit... I like when my tours clap for me and it does happen a bit (I can be a bit of a ham) but this was special. You see, the Audubon Society knows the native flora and fauna of the area. They know how every animal plays a role and do what they can to help. These people already know a lot. It means a lot knowing that they thought I did well.

The Audubon Society has been around. They do all kinds of nifty things to get people in touch with nature. I know a few of my readers even participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count. I like the societal aspect of this. I usually explore nature on my own, but I quite like this.

Besides TAS, what organizations or groups do you belong to that help you get out there? I have helped with 4-H in the past and that was fun. Do you like societal outings, or just explore on your own?

This photo of the Owl butterfly (taken at the St. Thomas Farm by the way!) is licensed to melingo wagamama on flickr via Creative Commons. The original photo is here.


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