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>> Monday, October 13, 2008

Since my digital camera is currently indisposed, you are gonna have to trust me on this. I grow a lot of herbs and things and one of the plants we can't keep up with is the mint. I love my mint, but it is getting out of hand. Instead of making a little tzatziki, WE MADE A LOT! A ridiculous amount. That is fine with me though as not only is it great on my veggie burger (no, I am NOT vegetarian, I just love me a good veggie burger) but apparently also great on an English muffin at 3 in the morning with really good capocollo (really good cured ham stuff) and cheese. Here is the closest thing to a recipe I could come up with: (caution, it makes a ridiculous amount)

Tzatziki Yum:

32 oz plain yogurt (try to use up at least 10 ounces for something else... we made banana smoothies)
2 Cucumbers
As much fresh mint as you can stand (we used a Nick sized handful of leaves)
Ditto for garlic (a LOT in ours, we are garlic-philes)
Lemons (if using Greek yogurt, use 2... if regular yogurt, 1 will do, don't want it too runny)
salt and pepper also to taste....

This is why I am bad with recipes. I end up doctoring everything anyway... On to directions...

We grated the cucumber, but using a mandolin to get thin slices would be nice. We don't have one of those. We mixed that into the yogurt. Then we chopped up like 5 cloves of garlic (unless you love garlic, I recommend 1 clove). You WILL smell like garlic for the rest of the day if you use this much! We also chopped the mint using a style with a fancy name I can't remember. Wait, it was a chiffonade. Sounds important. We mixed this in also. Then we squeezed as much lemon in there as we could. Salt and pepper to our liking and Voila! Yummy tzatziki! We added a bit of cumin after, but I couldn't taste the difference. Nick swears there was one.

This will really fill up the container, even if you have already used about a third of the yogurt, but you can use it on any sandwich/buger/thing. We made lemon chicken wrapped in paratha with tzatziki and lebanesse hummus and it was yum. This was a very mixed culture dish. Also great for dipping veggies into. This keeps for a bit.


And really, about the garlic... be careful! Once it sits over night, it really takes on the flavors of all that is in there.


doggybloggy October 13, 2008 at 3:45 PM  

this is one of my most favorite things to eat.

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