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Sound of eBay

>> Thursday, September 4, 2008

To those of us "in-the-know" there is a group of individuals behind two "hacker-artists" that creates songs using eBay arbitrary information. These guys are responsible for GWEI (Google Will Eat Itself), an exhibit that has been seen in galleries world wide. While it does seem strange, it's always interesting to see what your song will sound like. I did mine in June and it is very Euro-tech. Makes me want to play 16-bit racing games. Apparently mine is quite boring because I don't buy much. If you want to do your own, just because curiosity got the best of you, go to the Sound of eBay website. Be wary, however, the pixilations on the Sound of eBay website are lewd when viewed from afar. Up close they look like nothing. If your hubs is a ways behind you though, he will see it as quite a bit scandalous. Those crazy artist types have a wicked sense of humor. The link to my personal eBay song, however, is just an mP3 link so nothing scary to see. The whole piece (as it is "art") is called The Sound of eBay, Teletext porn, Human Needs.... and the corresponding images have numbers.

Please do not get mad at me if you click the link to the main site and are offended. It is art and art has the tendency to push envelopes. I just thought the technology behind this was amusing. The other 2 links are fine ("mine" and "GWEI").


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