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This Week in Science

>> Thursday, March 21, 2013

This has been an exciting week in science! I know what you're thinking, so were a LOT of other weeks... where have you been? I have had things to deal with. If you read Roogoodoo at all, you may know what some of those are.... anyway. On to the science news!

  • In space related news, Jeff Bezos (a.k.a. that billionaire guy from Amazon.com), funded the recovery of the Apollo 11 rockets from their longtime home in the bottom of the ocean. For those that somehow don't recall, this was the mission and shuttle that landed the first humans on the moon.
  • Stingray behavior is changeable. A study published in PLoS ONE noted the way rays at the infamous Stingray city in the Caymans acted compared to their non-human-fed counterparts.
  • You're a cheater! Don't believe me? Well, a study has proven it... sort of. Our brains are cheaters when it comes to remembering social ties and relationships. You can read more about your cheating mind here.
  • Lastly, in tech news, Apple wants Siri to take over the world. They may not want it to be as malicious as Pinky and the Brain may have wanted it, but they do want her voice to be your companion. From everyday tasks in your home, to the voice of your entertainment center, Apple plans on taking her places

That's it for highlights. Keep stirring up knowledge!

Photo from Absolute Divers.



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