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Oil Spill

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

I have been watching this story with a lot of interest for a while now and I have not a whole lot to say. I wanted to talk statistics and science and about what this means for wildlife in the Gulf, but I keep going back to politics and echoes of "Drill, baby, drill" run through my head. I can't bring myself to write about this travesty that is occurring because I think too many people, too many organizations, have tried so hard for and against this. So many people have risked their lives working on the rigs and protesting them. Who am I to say anything? I know biologically what this will mean to fisheries, wetlands, and bird nesting; but after I speak of all of those things, then what?

I guess, the only thing I really can say is that my thoughts go out to the people who lost family during the explosion. I will also be thinking of all the people that have livelihoods tied to wetlands and marine life and hope everything works out in the end. Not that my thoughts mean anything, they are just thoughts. Still.


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