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OK, Some Science AND Gorillas! Score!

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I know, FINALLY. Give me a little break though. I have been helping my mom run a business here! lol I am pretty sure the equation for that is

h(d)+h(pcth)+h(s-5(nb4m))= pooped.

Translation: hours worked times days worked (everyday) plus hours time number of phone calls to hubs (he is still in St. Thomas) plus hours times sleep minus five times no bed for Mimi equals pooped me. Ok. Enough about that... onto SOMETHING sciencey, please!

There is a lot of noise coming from the underwater archaeologists as of late and for good reason. The world’s oldest underwater submerged town, Pavlopetri, is about to be “rediscovered” and new things uncovered. The site was first mapped in 1968 and no archaeologist had been given permission to view it since. A Dr. Henderson from the University of Nottingham has that privilege now. He hopes to accurately map the town and determine the dates of occupation and development of the town. Dr. Flemming, who located the site originally in 1967, will be on the team as well.

Now… on to some happy gorilla videos. It is Year of the Gorilla as I have mentioned before, so we get some ape madness here on Potspoon!

Filmmaker Steve Taylor is working with YoG2009.org to make a documentary called Africa’s Green Heart. A Personal Journey Through Africa’s Great Equatorial Rainforests. The documentary aims to inform many people living on the continent of Africa about how important the continent is to environmental stability and the overall wellbeing of mankind. Here is a clip of some of his footage.

WOW! That felt like the old me posting again. I hope my computer comes soon.

Oh yeah... I decided to extend the drawing. I want more people to join (no offense to my two moms). Go leave a comment!


The Queen May 19, 2009 at 9:01 AM  

Great post, I really enjoyed watching the short clips.

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