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>> Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanks to A Blog Around the Clock for the info on this... Apparently there is a college scholarship available for bloggers currently enrolled in post-secondary education. The cool part about this scholarship is not only do you apply (I did), but you can get others to nominate you. (HINT)

Here is part of the short (300 word essay) I wrote.

Teaching in any medium has always been— at the lack of sounding cliché— one of the "noblest professions" to me. Encouraging someone to get excited about learning, to get others to question and explore is not only a feat few can accomplish successfully, but is a requirement to true progress in a society. Without constant questions and the need for knowledge, we stagnate as a people... Blogging gives me the freedom to experiment on ways to not only teach, but to entertain and pass on information as well.

So now, my dear readers, (HINT) go nominate a student, or many students (I applied, then nominated a few others), that you deem worthy of a blogging scholarship! To find out more, feel free to email me: marimoy {at} juno [dot] com.


Anonymous October 20, 2008 at 10:44 PM  

Could all these hints be pointing towards a Mimi nomination, well why didn't you say so, better yet I will go on there and say so. You definitely have mine.

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