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>> Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In case you failed to notice, the blogs name comes up as Science, Food, Art and Music... well the reason is, I'm addicted to all those things. Now the most important one to this blog is obviously the science, however, in a past life (2 years ago) I painted for a living. I miss it. I still paint occasionally and do drag my sketch book to the beach when I remember it, but it is not that large a part of my life anymore. It's not because I all of a sudden made a switch to science. On the contrary. I am one of the old schoolers who believe science and art go hand in hand. Once upon a time, I thought to give up my dream (filmmaking) and switch to medical illustration. Those are all those posters at your doctors' offices or the illustrations in your science texts.

It's a bit deeper than that though. It's just something I do and I don't get to do it enough anymore. My new job is more focused on my future degree. I work at The Butterfly Farm and it's awesome. I get to teach people about science all day. It's such a high energy job, however, by the time I get home, I don't want to do anything artistic anymore. It wouldn't be so bad if there were more of an artists' community here on island. There kind of is, but not very strong. The few things we have going for us are a bunch of galleries, including Camille Pissaro... very cool... but hours are erratic and it's hard to get there when they are open. They are open the same hours as my job. *sniff* I need to make more me time. For now, you get an old sketch by me... This is a website I had to do for Marine Invertebrate Zoology a few years back, so the generalized crustacean is by me.

Horrid I know. Maybe one day I will show you my really artsy stuff. Like later this week.


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